Bugs and Exploits

What is a bug?

A bug is an unforeseen circumstances or mistake in the code when the game does not perform in the intended way. An example would be if you were to buy a certain item, and a different item was credited to your playing account.

What is an exploit?

An exploit is similar to a bug, except someone gains when it is not intended. An example of an exploit would be when you purchase a single item and you are credited with more than that single item. In this instance you have gained an advantage. Similarly, an exploit might be where you are able to cause someone else to be at a disadvantage within the game.

When you encounter a bug.

Please report it to the staff.

First, please make sure it is not a mistake on your hand. The majority of bugs that are reported are not bugs, they end up using mistakes. Misunderstanding, misrepresenting or confusion at the time. By eliminating the mistakes we can prioritise our time in fixing the genuine bugs. Mafia Town policy is not to refund anything that was caused by bugs, exploits or glitches. We simply cannot check what you lost, as well as the consequences for other players within the game. It is in everybody’s best interest to focus all the attention on fixing the problem so it does not happen again.

With that said, if you are pretty sure it is a bug please report it.


When bugs or exploits occur in your benefit (like huge sums of money or guns put in your account) you are not allowed to spend or use these items and you should report it to the staff immediately.

Also a good idea to allow the rest of your family (if in a family) know about the bug or exploit.

Genuine exploits will be rewarded.

Abusing exploits or bugs will be punished.