Game Updates

25 March, 2018

  • Fixed: Kevlar max button.
  • Fixed: Storage full on production page.
  • Added: Production figures to all enterprises on enterprise page.
  • Fixed: Attack logs now show all pages.
  • Added: Icon show who is founders on ranks.
  • Updated: Video player.
  • Fixed: Cofounder can use gang options.
  • Updated: Hiding time can now be purchased.
    • Any purchased hiding time rolls over to the next game and each reset will replenish hiding time by three hours.
  • Added: Hiding time you have can now be seen on the upgrade page.
  • Added: The bling you have can now be seen on check out and travel thugs page

28 February, 2018

  • Fixed: Now doesn’t show family rank if not in family.
  • Fixed: Net worth for explosive factories.
  • Fixed: Number of days online.
  • Updated: Increased strength of storage.
  • Updated: Increase storage to 50,000 grenades.
  • Updated: Removed seconds from online time if more than 4 minutes.
  • Updated: Now updates happiness on payout.
  • Added: Net worth added to storage.
  • Added: Now shows production on enterprises page.
  • Added: Now warns if bomb storage are full.
  • Added: Logs to family pages (public)
  • Added: Amount of time in family.
  • Added: Storage added to informers.
  • Updated: Family restrictions have been turned on.
    • Cannot attack family if you leave them within 48 hours.
    • Cannot leave family in the last 48 hours of the game.
    • Cannot rejoin the family within the same game.
    • Cannot join any family for 48 hours after leaving or disbanding family.
  • Changes: Families will not reset at the end of each game.
  • Changes: You will start collecting turns even if not present on reset.
  • Changes: Changed gangs to families. See below.


Moving towards a Mafia game

More coming, we are going down the line of a Mafia game without changing the fundamentals. Can I ask your help in this changeover, what should we call guns, cars, and other things in the game?

19 February, 2018

  • Fixed: Thugs and hoes now update on scouting.
  • Fixed: Investor bug, where losing buildings and not investing in the right ones.
  • Fixed: Money stolen during home invasion now reports correctly in logs.
  • Updated: Hoe worth updated.
  • Updated: Received new message is now clickable.  Rest to follow.
  • Updated: Attack options are now available below an attack, so you can attack again quickly.
  • Updated: Scouting is now more even, less random.
  • Updated: Scouting is now substantially faster. See Note 2.
  • Updated: Adjusted building strength more in line with building cost.
  • Added: Warning colours on low supplies while scouting added.
  • Added: Bomb storage. See Note 1.
  • Added: Informers history is now on informers page.
  • Removed: The ability to sell buildings. See Note 3.

Plus, many numerous niggles!

Note 1: Each storage holds 10,000 bombs. They are 5 times stronger than explosive factories. Production will stop when you haven’t got the storage.

Note 2: Reminder scouting 5 turns unless you want protection (without wasting 100 turns) is a waste of your time and server resources. You no longer gain more like you did in the other games.

Note 3: This may not be a permanent change, the biggest complaints from players leaving is top players selling down and taking them out.  You join a game, you start building learn to play over a couple days spend $10 and then somebody from at the top demolishes their game.  It is players that we need, and no player should be able to attack anybody anywhere in the ranks.

10 February, 2018

  • You can now arson drug labs
  • Clicking Max buy drugs now works
  • Top pimp labels now correct
  • After deleting a gang, you can now have the same gang name.
  • You can now pin gang orders.
  • Disbanded gang now remove invites old invites.
  • The order on net worth now as in real time.
  • Updating production no longer shows debug detail.
  • General forums now only show once if there’s been a reply.
  • Reduced hoe stealing.
  • Reduce the number of guns stolen.
  • Profile image and banner now works.


6 February, 2018

  • Last attacked and attacked by now working on player profile.
  • Party hoes no longer throwing exemption error.
  • Percentage of buildings arsoned in logs now working.
  • Number of seconds they are protected now shows correctly in the failed attack message.
  • Hiding now works, if you go into hiding you will simply show as inactive.
  • Hiding will now show the last city or area that you went into hiding.