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Taking the best from Pimp Empires and Street Empires we have rewritten every line of code from the ground up. 

Currently Early Beta

Be warned, it is still in early beta so please help us create a kick ass game you love.

Important: This game is in testing mode only, if you are coming from street empires or pimp empires your account will not work. after testing all your information will be transferred to your new account here.

What is Mafia Town Game

Mafia Town is an online based multiplayer game. It has no association with the PlayStation/Xbox/PC version of Mafia Town which is completely different.

Mafia Town is turn-based, and completely ran from the cloud so can play it on any device. While playing you will collect thugs and girls to do your dirty work. Your thugs will take the other players out while you steal their cars and burn their buildings. Your girls will work the streets making you money and building your reputation.

The game resets every two weeks and you are awarded the prizes, medals and other such items.

You can join gangs or create your own.

Mafia Town is completely free to play.

Current Roadmap

  • Make Mobile Friendly 100%
  • New Scouting System 100%
  • Rewrite Backend Code 90%
  • Overhaul Interface 80%
  • Afilliate System 0%
  • Game Awards / Graphics 0%
  • Career Points 0%
  • Hall of Fame – Showcase from Street and Pimp Empires 0%
  • Build Mobile App 0%